N.Y.P.D. (tv show)


Jill Clayburgh and Al see
someone in a tree watching them

    "Deadly Circle of Violence" is an episode of a police drama about New York Police Department detectives that originally aired on ABC in the late sixties.  Lt. Mike Haines (Jack Warden) plays the detective in charge of the investigation. The other two detectives are a black man, Det. Jeff Ward (Robert Hooks) and a white man, Det. Johnny Corso(Frank Converse) fighting crime in the turbulent racially charged 60's.
    It's a little corny in places, and very dated, but Al is good of course.

Al explains what happened
to the police (Jack Warden)
in the hospital after the shooting

(IN A PARK) John James (Al) and a woman (Jill Clayburgh) are running around, throwing pebbles into the water. James spots a big rat and says he wants to catch it. The woman just wants to get away from it. Then they notice someone in the tree making a noise with a rattler. James goes to see who it is but the person is never shown. The woman screams "There's someone up there with a gun!" There is a loud gunshot and James falls, shot in the shoulder.

(IN THE HOSPITAL) James is talking to the two white detectives, telling them what happened. His shoulder is in a sling from the wound. He says he was out celebrating buying a new car and he went to a bar. He met a girl there and they had a couple of drinks. She asked if he would give her a ride in his car. They went to a place called the Cloisters, and came back to watch the boats on 79th street.  Then somebody shot at them. She screamed "like a hyena" and ran off. He hadn't seen her since. He didn't know why they were shooting at them. Maybe she had a jealous boyfriend or they were making too much noise. He acts very innocent and says he hasn't got an enemy in the world. (hear a  wav (418k) of Al explaining what happened.)

Jill Clayburgh gives her statement
to the police (Jack Warden).

    The black detective comes in and James doesn't want to talk to him; he wants to "talk to his own kind". Of course this doesn't go over well with the detectives, but they continue with the investigation.

(IN THE PARK) The two detectives go to the crime scene and recreate the shooting. They decide the killer must be a terrible shot or just wanted to scare James since nobody could miss from that close.

(IN A BAR) Det. Ward goes to the bar where James and the woman met and interviews the bartender. She tells him that the guy was acting like a jerk. He got a phone call and came back very agitated. Finally she threw him out and he practically dragged the girl with him.

Al, recovering from his wound
when someone knocks on the door
with a message.

(AT THE POLICE STATION)  The woman in the park gives her statement about the shooting to the police.  She says she was so scared, with the rat and the shot, she ran away as fast as she could.  She talks about that day.

(AT THE HOSPITAL) The police ask James who was it that called him, and he says, "a friend" and walks away.

Al in a bar trying to figure out how to get out of NY. He  meets a
man and offers him money to drive him to Washington.

   They cut back and forth between the woman at the police station talking about him bragging about roughing up blacks in his hometown, and James at the hospital as he gets more and more hostile toward the police as they press him about the phone call. Finally he walks away from them in a huff.

(AT THE BLACK DETECTIVE'S HOME)   He talks to his girlfriend about the case, and that he suspects the killer is a black man looking for revenge.

(AT THE POLICE STATION) The three detectives discuss the case.  There was a church bombing in James' hometown where six people were injured and one teenage girl was killed. Some black men from the church moved north following James looking for revenge.

The stranger turns out to be with
the men trying to kill him and has
lured him to a warehouse where
they plan to kill him.

(OFFICE OF MR. ANDERSON) They interview a teacher named Anderson who was involved in the church that was bombed, who was now working in NY. They ask him if he knows if these men they suspect are involved in trying to track down James for revenge. He denies ever hearing of James and says his friends are good men.

They argue over what to do with him.

(JAMES' APARTMENT) He gets a phone call from a man who says he's going to kill him. (they show two black men, one with a rifle). Then a young black kid delivers an envelope to his door with a picture of the girl who was killed. He roughs the kid up asking him who sent it but he doesn't tell him anything. He quickly packs his stuff and leaves.

(IN THE STREET)   James leaves his apartment, with the police tailing him.

(AT THE POLICE STATION)   Lt. Haines tells someone on the phone that he thinks James is the man they're looking for and they'll pick him up.

  (IN A BAR)  James is having a drink when a man comes in and tells him he's got a "blackie" following him.   They talk for a minute and James ends up asking him to drive him to Washington for $100.00 and he agrees.  (Hear a wav of it here - 282k)

The police arrive and try to
talk the men out of killing him.

(AT THE POLICE STATION) Mr. Anderson comes to the police station and confesses he is in NY to track down James and get revenge for the murder. But he is reluctant to give up his friends.  The other detective comes in and tells them James has gotten away from them and was last seen with a strange man. They believe he is in the hands of Mr. Anderson's friends and will be killed if he doesn't tell them where to find him.

(WAREHOUSE)  The stranger from the bar pulls a gun on James and hands him over to the two black men that called him, threatening to kill him. They tie James up and argue over whether or not to go through with killing him.
    The police arrive with Mr. Anderson and try to get the men to give up.
    Mr. Anderson pleads with them and they finally give up.
    They arrest James for murder. The Lt. arrests the men and says they'll probably do ok this time, but next time leave it to the police to handle things.




Writing credits
Lonne Elder III
Jack Warden .... Lt. Mike Haines
Robert Hooks .... Det. Jeff Ward
Frank Converse .... Det. Johnny Corso
Al Pacino .... John James
Jill Clayburgh .... woman at park

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(Al and Jack Warden, etc.)
The men surrender and Al
is taken into custody for murder.





Al is taken away by the police.

Jack Warden also co-starred with Al in And Justice For All as the suicidal Judge.

Jill Clayburgh was his girlfriend at the time.

It aired for the first time on November 12th, 1968  (thanks Frede for this info)

The show ran from 1967-1969

It was a half hour show.

The show's tag-line was "24 hour cops, for a 24 hour town"

In the introduction the announcer proudly says, "NYPD, in color, on ABC".  It's an old show.

The detectives are from the 27th precinct.

The description of Det. Corso is: "Young, cool, and he cares."



(418k) Al explaining what happened when he was shot.
(282k) Al offering a man $100 to drive him to Washington.



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